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getting to know myself better'
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Van Eijndhoven & Go

We are a result-aimed consultancy agency for sustainable deployment, career coaching, and From Job to Job programmes. With a team of 15 coaches and trainers we work on your strong career story throughout the Netherlands. Would you like to come and have a (non-committal) cup of coffee with us, then you are more than welcome. Call, email or app Elske van Eijndhoven.

Van Eijndhoven & Go offers a personal, customized approach. Their coaches get people into action and allow them to find a sustainable new job, with confidence and at their own initiative.
Maaike Thijssen / Royal BAM Group
A company that provides movement, new energy, and insights. A great sparring partner and an innovative company with enthusiastic coaches.
Annika Somers / T-Systems Nederland B.V.
Van Eijndhoven & Go works action-aimed! They bring a breath of fresh air and out of the box ideas. It’s amazing how much enthusiasm and passion they have for their profession!
Karen Smit / Enexis B.V.
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