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Career coaching

Your career reads like a story. With an introduction, because how again did you start?
With chapters narrating about periods in your career. A story with a solid basis, a start, because perhaps your parents thought that this would be the right direction for you, or because your brother or sister followed the same education. A story with fascinating passages in which you are enjoying yourself, in which you love going to work every day, and with a chapter in which you’re thinking: ‘Is this it?’ You follow an education, get new energy, but you still feel restless.
But hey, the mortgage has to be paid, the children’s study isn’t the cheapest thing either.
Staying where you are does feel safe…

These moments occur during all stages of your career: moments when you question your own capacities, moments of doubt about the way you supervise, tension about the balance of your work and your personal life, or a manager who has lost faith in you. Perhaps you still enjoy going to work, while at the same time you notice that you would like to be working on a next step. Or you are no longer finding joy in your work, your learning curve has come to a halt, you notice that your talent might be more suitable in a different job position or perhaps it is time for a career change.

During moments like this we are here for you. Our career coaches think along with you, offer insights and provide you with tools. We inspire, take you along in the world of the opportunity jobs in the labour market and help you become sustainably attractive for employers. We reverse the roles. It is not your employer who decides the course of your career, it’s you. So that you want to get ahead, so that you can and will get ahead, for a strong career story. And do you always have to radically turn over a new leaf? Not at all, with small adjustments in your current job or by entering a conversation with your superior you can already get a renewed perspective on your job.

In several sessions with a career coach near you, you take a close look at your career. After a noncommittal meeting and a click with our career coach, you formulate your career plan, so we know which course we will be taking together. The result of a career coaching process is a customised career plan. After all, you make your own choices.

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