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Career concepts and consultancy

Our clients have one thing in common. They all ask themselves the following questions:
‘How do we fascinate and bind our employees and managers’?
‘How do we set up interesting careers that enable people to keep developing themselves?
‘How can we make sure our people take their development into their own hands?
‘How do we say goodbye to people that no longer fit the strategy of our company in a more than respectful way’?

This is just a selection of questions we are regularly asked.
Here it also applies that we are happy to think along with you. After all, organisations also need a strong story to be and to remain attractive for people’s talents.
We love co-creation, it offers custom work for your organisation and creative solutions that have proven successful. If you want woolly notes, then you have knocked on the wrong door. Well-thought-out, creative, and achievable solutions for mobility issues. That’s what we do best. We also offer the strategic umbrella under which various concepts can develop into a well-considered comprehensive approach.

In our work among other things we use video clips for inspiration, we are fully in development with Theatre college ‘Doe jij Duurzaam?’ (Are you being sustainable?), our participants are handed a career book and we challenge all participants to have the courage to choose.
We take them along to first show them the story, followed by putting it into words, talking about it and subsequently sharing it with other people.
Get acquainted with our ‘Traineeship for Fierce Fifty-Somethings’, the ‘Career MOT’ or the compact ‘From Job to Job’ programme.
All programmes are supported by online applications, personality questionnaires, and/or motivation profiles with an optimal educational effect.
We are licence holder of the MBTI, the PPA, Management drives and various assessment and career scans. Choices are made depending on the request.
In addition to all of this it is also possible to deploy our career coaches at your own location. For example, for a half-day session a week, to inspire employees and managers for a strong career story. It is our vision that, with a relatively small offer, an oil stain will automatically appear. And when that happens, employees and managers will take charge. That is what we want, employees who start working on their career.

So, are you interested in a fresh meeting to get acquainted and to gain inspiration at your place or at our table? We are happy to think along with you. Would you first like to find out more about ‘how we do things’ then we are happy to bring you into contact with employers we already work with, for an honest story.

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