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"I would like to become even better at my job"


There are moments when you would like to stop and think about how you are going through life and about the way you are practicing your job. Moments when you could use a sparring partner, to reach new insights. To take the time to have a close look at your behaviour and skills together with a coach and be challenged to develop new habits in one-on-one sessions.

Questions people often ask us among others are:
‘How can I benefit more from my perfectionism?’
‘How can I organise my work and the work of my team, so we can work more systematically’?
‘How can I show more of myself and my work without showing off’?
‘How do I supervise my supervisor’?
‘How can I set and guard my boundaries’?

Just a selection of questions our coaches often get asked. After a noncommittal introductory meeting with a coach near you, you will start working on your coaching questions in sessions. At the start you will be challenged to formulate these questions as concretely as possible. Experience teaches us that the more concrete the coaching questions are, the more concrete the results will be.
Time and time again you will be inspired and stimulated to experiment with new behaviour, to investigate what suits you. Do you need to change everything? No, certainly not. By looking at your behaviour every now and then you can use small steps to go through an amazing transition.

Our coaches are specialised in various themes. We have coaches with a great deal of experience with burn-out and recovery, executive coaches for leaders and entrepreneurs, provocative and career coaches, visionary coaches and practical coaches. What we all share is a result-aimed working method.

Are you looking for a coach and would you like to join us for coffee? Then contact us. We will listen to your story, to your questions, and subsequently bring you into contact with one of our coaches.

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