For a strong career story!
"I am looking for another job".

From job to job

You have been fired or this is going to be happening to you in the near future.
Annoying when someone else takes that decision for you.
Your life is turned upside down, what is happening to you?

Or perhaps you have made the decision to start looking for another job. Maybe you have already quit your job, while you haven’t found a new job yet.

Welcome to our world of wonders, the world of wonders of the labour market, the world that – for a while – will also become your world now. A world with numerous possibilities, possibilities that you might not be aware of yet.

For all these situations we have designed a ‘From Job to Job’ programme which helps you find that new job, that job that suits you.
The complete programme even guarantees you a new job.

How does it work?
You meet our career coach near you for a first conversation about your labour market value. A first exploration of your options. The infamous click between you and your coach is important of course. When you decide to start, we offer you our ‘From Job to Job’ programme which consists of five stages:

• Your mindset: 5 pillars for success
• Your strong career story
• Your labour market campaign
• Your network
• Your new job

And of course, you can also follow a customised programme, in which case you choose the parts you need. Everything is possible. From a session about your LinkedIn profile to investigating a career change, and from an online labour market campaign to the complete ‘From Job to Job programme’. You decide.

Would you like to ask a question and/or a customised approach? Then contact us by calling Caroline Scheeren on 06 – 15207802. You can also reach her through email:

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