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Sustainable deployment

On average we work forty years of our lives, perhaps you are working three days or eighty hours a week. In any case you’d better makes sure that this time fits you like a glove. Few people will look back on their lives and say: ‘I wish I had worked more and harder’.

Is your employer constantly talking about sustainable deployment and that you should take your career into your own hands?
Is this something that you want, but you just don’t know how?
Would you like to stop and take the time to further shape your own career?

Then participate in one of our programmes, so you remain attractive for employers, attractive with your strong career story.

Rebellious as we are, we are reversing the roles. Your employer doesn’t decide, you do!
So that you want to get ahead, so that you can and will get ahead.
You are more than welcome for a cup of coffee for a first look at your labour market value.
We would be happy to tell you more about our programmes: ‘Career MOT’, ‘Are You in the Right Place Check’, ‘A Close Look at Your Career’, the ‘Traineeship for Fierce Fifty-Somethings’ or a ‘Masterclass with the ‘Ten Golden Rules to Stay Attractive for the Labour Market’.
Many things are possible, you are more than welcome to ask your question in a noncommittal meeting in which your career is central.

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